DISCO PUNKS Magazine- Issue #1

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Issue number 1 - 8" X 8" saddle stitched magazine, printed on thick, 80lb matte paper stock. Riso printed, outer record sleeve printed on card stock, that houses the magazine. In EYE BLASTING full color on every page w/a a ton of extra goodies that'll make you get up and DANCE!!

What would happen if you took the garish 70's dance/fashion/music of disco and combined it with the snotty, loud and DIY attitude/music of punk from the same era?? fucking DISCO PUNKS of course.
Punks, bored of gobbing and sloppy music, the boogie bourgeois tired of "soft" disco sounds..... these kids decided to make something new, and make it count. Dance or Die!! was the cry for these miscreants that created something exciting in 1978.

DISCO PUNKS magazine is a compilation of the best records/art/music from the that brief era. 30 killer records/sleeves by bands such as: Dance Til You Die, Disco Nap, Venereal Swingers, the Coke Straws,Sourr Gushers, Tuxedo Blouse, Disco Jizz, the Cry Babys, the Toothless Boys, the Man Eaters, Demon Shine, Croydon, Bam!, the Sleez Sisters, Kunst Ketzer, the Chrome Wives, Donna Slaughter, Sick Boys, the Fuzz, the Hurt-So-Goods, Roller Punx, Tracy Turps, Boog Shoog, the Neon Demon, Miss Yeyo and the Booger Sugars, Ophelia, the Ghoul Gang, Tender Flesh, Blue Tulip, Big Bub and the Chub Rub Bunch, Rub Me Tender

Sleeve art done by @kim_a_tron, @chadkeithhelsinki, @katie_gulson, @cvspe, @corrinehalbert, @kissthedevil, @nikgernert, @hellothemushroom, @sarahbarnfart, @fabiovermelho, @2freshformypencil, @lily.dean.art, @spunkrockstar, @kat.kon, @old1eye, @thelisabelle, @novotnykit, @heyghoulhey, ryan.mcgee.design, @kellykellykellykellykelly, @bryanwestart, @deathcrabs, @edukatedlatina, @artnuttz, @lilmelunz6969, @jillian.doherty, @ruthietheruthless, @_eegahh_, @ester_rancid, @laurasweetharte, @lexarsimps

Extras for issue #1 include:

1 - Riso printed outer record sleeve
1 - Printed, hand painted insert on silver card stock
1 - Printed, hand cut 7" record
1 - Download card for a 32 song music compilation of the DISCO PUNKS bands